Monday, October 26, 2020

We're All In This...

 Principal ponderings...

My brother came across this chalk message on a sidewalk in CA and shared it with the rest of the family.  He said, "obviously the word together washed away but I actually think what's left is a more appropriate encapsulation of the time we are in."

The 'together' part may have washed away, but it was there at one point.  You may feel like the together part has washed away for you, but I promise you it was there and it is still there.  Our minds still automatically fill in that chalk message.  You are not alone.

As we prepare to make another change, and as you are still navigating and adjusting to remote teaching, remember that the together part may not be visible, but it's still there.  We need to support each other.  We need to lift each other up.  We need to remember that everyone is experiencing that same struggles, the same frustrations, the same anxiety.  

I am enjoying co-facilitating a book study with the book Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain.  Our Sunday night discussion focused on the chapter about the anatomy of the brain and some culturally responsive brain rules.  The first one and the most important one is: "The brain seeks to minimize social threats and maximize opportunities to connect with others in community."  And the book went on to say "The brain's two prime directives are to stay safe and be happy."  Ha, wow, did that sentence jump off the page and slap me in the face during this crazy time we are living in?!  But see...we are hard-wired to fill in that chalk message.  We need to fill in the message.  And our brains fill in that message even if we don't want to in the moment.

Heard this beautiful song and thought it was appropriate to include and share with all of you...

Yep, we are all in this...


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I was excited to get a new book in the mail called Just Look Up by Joe Beckman.  A prefect, quick read to inspire me right now...

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Tuesday - Prodigy Parent Session 7:00 PM, Hybrid/Remote survey due

Wednesday - Half day, Staff Meeting 12:30-1:00, Liz and Laura in a 504 training @ 1:30, 30 minute eSpark optional PD call @ 2:00, SIMCO Meeting @ 3:00

Thursday - Halloween read alouds by High School Student Council Members, schedule coming

Friday - Halloween read alouds by High School Student Council Members, schedule coming

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So this might hit a little too close to home, but we all need to be able to laugh about all of this...

And if you have not seen this brilliant kid, take time to listen to his #YouCanBeABCs!!

Thank you Kate for sharing this video tutorial about virtual parent conferences...

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